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School and I beef, but I still be learnin.


  • Web Development Student at (set to graduate in 2018)
  • AwQward Camp: A Li'l Laughing Color hosted by Capturing Fire, comedy writing workshop with Chelsea Shorte
  • AwQward Camp: Mystical Manifestos hosted by Capturing Fire, writing and meditation workshop with Dane Edidi
  • Intro to AwQward Camp: Diving Into the Brownness of Me hosted by Capturing Fire, theatre & writing workshop with Regie Cabico & J Mase III
  • Fleshing It Out hosted by Capturing Fire, movement & writing workshop with writer, Sonya Renee
  • Speakeasy Project: Session I hosted by The Blueshift Journal, studied poetry for four weeks in a group led by poet & activist, Christoper Soto (Loma)


  • Writing From the Queer Heart hosted by Litreactor, studied creative nonfiction for four weeks in a group led by artist & writer, Cooper Lee Bombardier
  • In Surreal Life hosted and led by musician and poet, Shira Erlichman, wrote poetry with group for thirty-one days
  • Emerging Writers Program hosted by LAMBDA Literary, studied genre (Young Adult) fiction in group led by award-winning author, Benjamin Alire Sáenz for seven days


  • We Sweat Honeysuckle hosted by Winter Tangerine Review, studied poetry in group with LGBTQIA writers
  • Find Your Superpowers hosted by and led by Shira Erlichman, studied and created poetry for two months in weekly one-on-one sessions
  • Pink Door Retreat hosted and led by award-winning poet, Rachel McKibbens, studied and created poetry with women and nonbinary writers of color for four days


  • Academy of the Holy Cross received high school diploma in 2011